6 years ago I decided to join an international company working with phototherapy and natural products. LifeWave situated in San Diego, USA. I joined as a LifeWave Distributor and today the team is all over the world – China, Usa, Spain, Sweeden, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom – you name it – we are there.

In love with network marketing

I fell in love with some videos, where the founder David Schmidt talked about this amazing invention he made. I was totally surprised and in love with the company and the products,  so I ran to the shop and bought the LifeWave Distributor Gold package and 2 weeks later upgraded to a Diamond package and started working with it immediately.

It all started with a wish to have more freedom, feel amazing inside, take care of my health and help people.

Tell me, why are you here on this page? Same reasons?

Do you know what stem cells are?

Otherwise you should try read about it and watch the video above.

Lifewave launched X39 last year in july 2018 and during the last 11 months many many people joined our international Lifewave Distributor team and became involved in network marketing helping themselves and others get a better health and more economic freedom.

Phototherapy explained

How do you become a Lifewave Distributor?

I love the international Lifewave Distributor team we have, filled with positive people impacting so many worldwide. So if you are positive and hardworking, you are welcome to join our LifeWave Distributor team.

  • When you join here, go under join and enroll in the international team (you will love the diversity we have from all around the world)
  • First try the products, so you know what they can do for you
  • I recommend X39, they work over time so start with a Gold package or Diamond (Big Business package) (find out about the packages on the link above. 
  • Start showing and talking about X39, since this is the only product in the world that can activate and raise stem cells in your body without adding anything. It works through phototherapy
  • You are in charge of how the LifeWave Distributor package you buy is composed. You can choose between many patches.
  • I recommend X39, Glutathione, Carnosine, Energy Enhancer and Icewave as the ones you use a LOT of. My absolute favorites. Especially the 3 first ones. I am an ANTIOXIDANT girl as you can hear.
  • After joining our team, send me an email  and let me know you joined, so I can get to know you and your family and introduce you to your new team, with whom you will be working international with as a happy healthy LifeWave Distributor.
LifeWave X39
Lifewave X39 Patch – Stem Cells
Glutathione Patch
Glutathione Patch
Carnosine Patch
Carnosine Patch
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LifeWave Patches
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LifeWave X39 Patches